SuperDuper DP Tubes - Heavy Duty Ball Winders by NKK

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SuperDuper DP Tubes

Introducing new SuperDuPer DP Tubes™

Our new DP Tubes will hold complete 5 needle sets of the following US sizes:

  • 10.5 (and smaller sizes)

  • 10.75

  • 11

  • 13

  • 15 (4 needles)


SuperDuPer DP Tubes have a 1.0" inside diameter which is enough space to hold up to 5 #13 needles.
Our original DP Tubes have a 5/8" inside diameter and they can hold up to 5 #10 needles.

SuperDupers are based on a telescoping paper tube design just like our other tubes.
They will hold up to 10" long needles. Paper color is purple and yellow and is glossy.

We had some customers request that we make a larger DP tube to hold these larger size needles, so we did! Now knitters who use #10.5 thru #13 DP's can organize and protect their larger needles.

Retail Price per set of 2 tubes:  $6.00

Buy your SuperDuPer tubes here!


Let us know you like them and that you plan to order some as soon as they are available by sending us an email

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SuperDuPer DP Tubes™ are Purple and Yellow. Here they are shown next to our standard DP Needle Tubes which are Blue and Yellow

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